Artwork: Collage & Mixed Media

I always claimed I could not draw.

At one point I was terribly frustrated with various artists I tried to hire in the early days of Minx who could not make deadline, or who quit before the project was completed, leaving pieces of things I couldn’t use.

I bemoaned my limitations and told everyone that I would be unstoppable if only I could draw. It pained me to have ideas I could not visually express.

Then one day a famous artist told me to stop putting limitations on my potential. He told me I needed to figure out a way to make the art myself, and advised that I stop relying on others to manifest my dream.

I decided to listen to a visionary who has already made magic happen
in the world.

So I got some art supplies and figured out a way to make something interesting using my photographs, a medium I was more comfortable with.

The collages are organic, old-fashioned cut and paste with paint and Sharpie markers adding color. Now I use them in Minx to give a mixed media feel and I am working on a story that is all collage.

Once I unblocked the energy of thinking I couldn’t accomplish something, I found amazing artists to work with and made the comic book I always dreamed of.


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